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The projects of Mick Caouette and South Hill Films are supported and made possible by individuals and non-profit contributions, free of corporate influence or control. Funds are collected through our fiscal sponsor, The Center for Policy Design, a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)3, which makes your contribution fully tax deductible. We are grateful for your generous tax-deductible contribution of any amount.

Donations to support Mick Caouette/South Hill Films are collected through The Center for Policy Design. Any size donation is welcomed. A contribution of $20 or more entitles you to a DVD of the film of your choice in appreciation of your support.

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More About the Center for Policy Design

The Center for Policy Design (CPD) is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization with a dual mutually complementing mission: 1) to design public policies for large social systems in order to support the general well-being of all people, and 2) to educate and support a diverse and collaborative community of dedicated individuals seeking to advance their knowledge and skills in such design.

The Center operates in five areas necessary for the successful redesign of large systems: policy analysis, policy research, policy design, policy implementation, and policy evaluation. It conducts independent research and, based on that research, to provide innovative, practical policy-based recommendations for policymakers and the public.