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Premiere screenings for Summoned: Frances Perkins and the General Welfare are scheduled! Free and open to the public. Most will suggest registering. Registration info to come soon:

SEP 22 The U of ... See more

"Summoned: Frances Perkins and the General Welfare" Preview of a full length public television biography of the first woman cabinet member. www.southhillfilm...

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Showing this afternoon on Minnesota Cable Network (MCN6): Mick’s film Muses and Mementos - interview footage with the elder Eugene McCarthy. For more info or to purchase Mick’s films visit: ... See more

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Sen Dianne Feinstein on Twitter

Today is an anniversary all Americans should appreciate. Mick's latest project, Summoned: Frances Perkins and the General Welfare, is now in post-production mode. Stay tuned for updates regarding ... See more

“86 years ago, FDR appointed Francis Perkins to be the nation’s first female Cabinet secretary. From establishing unemployment benefits to crafting the first minimum-wage laws, we owe many of ... See more

7 months ago
Lawrence’s Last Word

To those who fret about the danger of “socialist” policies, Lawrence O’Donnell has a history lesson for you.

In the Last Word, Lawrence looks at Donald Trump’s State of the Union remarks about socialism—and tells the truth about the kinds of socialism Donald Trump never ever complains about, including ... See more

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Mick’s current project, Summoned: Frances Perkins and the General Welfare, is now in post-production mode! Premieres are being scheduled all over the country for Fall 2019. The documentary will air ... See more

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Humphrey on democracy

From film footage not included in Mick's documentary, Hubert H Humphrey: The Art of the Possible, Humphrey says, “It doesn’t really take any great competence to be an authoritarian, but it does ... See more

Hubert Humphrey talks about democracy in a 1976 interview with Bill Moyers

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Photos from Mick Caouette and South Hill Films's post

Mick is just back from his 4th Annual visit to the Humphrey Fellows Global Leadership Welcome Dinner & Forum in D. C. He introduced 150 mid-career government and social agency professionals from 97 ... See more

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Hubert H Humphrey: The Art of the Possible

Longing for an educated and caring politician who works for the people? Hubert Humphrey was that person, despite some flawed stumbles. WATCH TONIGHT! TPT Life, 8:00 p.m. CDT: Hubert H. Humphrey: The ... See more

Mick Caouette is a documentary filmmaker who focuses on U.S. history and Sociology. "Hubert H Humphrey: The Art of the Possible" follows Senator and Vice Pre...

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Zinn Education Project

Good to see the work of Mick's latest documentary subject, Frances Perkins, is entering our modern consciousness.
For more info on Mick's projects and to get DVDs, visit: ... See more

#tdih On March 4,1933, Frances Perkins became the U.S. Secretary of Labor (1933-1945) and the first woman appointed to the U.S. Cabinet. Having personally witnessed workers jump to their death during ... See more

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