Eugene J. McCarthy: Muses and Mementos

2006 | Run Time: 35 minutes

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About the Film:

A fascinating glimpse into the mind of one of the most interesting public figures of the twentieth century. As a presidential candidate in 1968, McCarthy was an unlikely politician who stood bravely against the Vietnam war. He was also a writer, poet, scholar and satirist. In two interviews with filmmaker Mick Caouette, March of 1996 and March of 2000, McCarthy explores a wide range of subjects — from his early years to Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam War. The film blends new archival footage with McCarthy’s poetry and recollections, and it reveals a rare wit and intellect that set him apart from his congressional colleagues of the 1950s and 1960s.

Eugene J. McCarthy moves from topic to topic as swiftly as a PowerPoint demonstration, from the Cold War to Cuba to the Middle East to Vietnam. McCarthy’s recollections add little to the historical record of post-World War II America, although they often serve as a reminder of the tense atmosphere on the American Left following the war… Eugene J. McCarthy will be a useful resource for future biographers of the maverick senator from Minnesota and a supplemental tool for courses in postwar American history.

David Luhrssen

Shepherd Express

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